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Pool Tile Restorations

Don’t live with it any longer! We can clean your pool tile and restore your pools beauty!  

Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Cleaning


During the pool tile cleaning process we use low air pressure and an eco friendly blasting media to remove calcium buildup from your pool tiles and stone water features. No Pool Tile Damage - WE GUARANTEE IT!

About Pool Tile Restorations


Locally owned and operated with vast knowledge in the pool industry. We safely remove calcium buildup from pool tiles and natural stones.  We are the pool tile cleaning professionals. 

Before and After Pictures


Our specialized pool tile cleaning equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively. Your pool tile will look bright and clean as it did before the calcium took over. Look at some of these before and after pictures. 

Why Pool Tile Restorations?


  •  With our experience in the pool maintenance business we are familiar with the problems homeowners face. 

  • We show up on time, every time to complete the job we promised you. In addition, we are prompt with quotes, eager to earn your business and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy your expectations. 

  • You deserve to enjoy your swimming pool, it was a big investment. 

Get Your Pool Tiles Cleaned With Pool Tile Restorations Pool Tile Cleaning


Restore Your Pool With Pool Tile Cleaning


We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners struggle with. Our specialized equipment can safely remove those calcium buildups quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again. We have been serving Austin and San Antonio since 2008, we are the pool tile cleaning professionals.   

Pool Tile Cleaning in Austin San Antonio and Dallas Texas